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Want to volunteer? Become a "Few'll Igniter"!

If you're interested, E-MAIL US! and let us know where you are (geographically) and what you're interested in doing!

Few'll Igniters = Volunteer Force for Few'll Ignite Sound


Here is a list of things that you can do at any time and at your convenience as Few'll Ignite Sound volunteers. No amount of assistance is too little, and your kindness and support are always appreciated, with or without volunteer energies! Remember, this label only represents the music of Ember Swift at this time. The following are additional ways in which you can contribute to the survival of independent music. Please consider these actions as ways to contribute to the sustenance and sustainability of ALL independent artists whose work you respect!


1. Keep an eye out in your cities for good venues or good festivals that you think would be a great place for EMBER SWIFT (or your other favourite indie artists) to perform. Let us know about these festivals via e-mail, and forward their contact info so that we can follow up on your suggestions!

2. Keep an eye out in your cities for good bands that could support EMBER SWIFT or that we could support as we pass through your areas. Musicians always love to connect with other acts who will complement their sound.

3. If you're a student, consider approaching your student activities organization or another group on campus who might be willing to sponsor a live music performance. This can be in conjunction with events such as International Women's Day, Pride days, theme months, political demonstrations around political issues you feel we represent and/or sing about, etc.

4. If you think you might have the personality or business skills to help out by "doing the door" (taking cover charge at the entrance) or selling CDs at performances, this is always helpful as we don't often travel with a steady "merch" person. This requires some math skills and people skills, and it definitely means that you would be responsible for something during the evening, thus diverting your attention (moderately) from the performance itself. However, without people helping us with merchandise sales, it's impossible for us to sell CDs while we're performing, which means that those who have to leave early cannot pick up CDs before they leave. Even offering to "baby-sit" the merch table while we perform is helpful!

5. If you like organizing and setting up events, consider producing a show for us in your city. We are always willing to work with first-time or inexperienced promoters/producers. We are patient and always willing to give something a shot, especially if the attitude is right! We like to organize such efforts about six months in advance, so if you're interested in such an endeavor please email our agency and they'll stay in touch with you about logistics and details.

6. If you like carrying heavy stuff (!), you can always show up at the venue early or stay late and help us carry our gear to the van. This is never a "fun" job in the classic sense, but it always gets done faster when there are lots of hands helping!

7. If we're coming to your city, you can always help us promote the performance. See the following section for promotional tips.


Helping to promote an independent band is perhaps the biggest contribution you can make to independent art. The survival of the underground arts world depends on the most effective form of promotion out there: word of mouth. Tell everyone you know! Play the music for your friends! Spread the word and bring new ears to the next local performance!

And here are some additional ways that you can spread the word:

1. If we're coming to your city, we could always use people who are willing to poster or flyer for us. We can send you these documents via the post, or else send you the raw materials electronically so that you can make these kinds of things yourself. Postering doesn't just mean street postering, but includes putting posters in radio stations, women's centres, favourite cafes, on workplace bulletin boards, etc. Some of these latter locations are more effective because they are not torn down by city workers. Interested in being a postering volunteer? Email Lisa Johnson at the Few'll Ignite Sound headquarters in Toronto.
* If cost is an issue, we will always be willing to reimburse photocopying (or any additional costs for postering materials) if we are given a receipt to add to our tax statements. We never want you to go out of pocket to help us out! Please keep us posted as to what these costs will be so that we're not surprised!

How to download these files:

Mac users: click and hold the download link. Choose "Save link target as..." You will then be prompted to save the image file on your hard drive.
Windows users: right-click on the download link. Choose "Save link target as..." You will then be prompted to save the image file on your hard drive.

Pre-designed Ember Swift Poster:

300 resolution .jpg file for use as Ember Swift poster.
8.5" x 11", black and white.

» promotional poster, 528kb

Pre-designed Ember Swift Handbill:

300 resolution .jpg file for use as an Ember Swift handbill.
8.5" x 11", black and white. (Needs to be cut into 4!)

» promotional handbills, 828kb

2. As mentioned, word of mouth is probably the best promotion, but this also includes e-mail promotion with your friends, listing our shows on e-group listserves, message boards, events Web pages, etc. Feel free to let us know if EMBER SWIFT should be on an Artists' website or specific search engine in a specific online resource. If relevant, we'll definitely rectify that situation!

3. If you see a magazine, zine, newspaper, radio program, (etc.) that you think would be a good place for us to send material, contact in advance of a live performance, or just know about, please pass on the contact information for these promotional outlets via email! Many people think that we know about all the promotional centres in a city, but the fact is, these contacts change regularly and it's hard for our small outfit to keep up with these changes.

4. You may be surfing the Web and find a great site that reviews or does profiles on artists or bands. If you think that they would be a great place for our music to be profiled, you can contact that site directly with our contact info. and suggest that they approach us. Alternatively, you can contact us with the correct URL and we'll follow up on it and see if they'd be interested in what we do!

5. Tell other bands or artists about us and give them our Web site and/or e-mail contact information. This connects people who are doing the same things, and helps us to make more friends and support networks in this musical community.

6. Keep an eye on your radio charts and your review columns. If our music is charting at your local station or if our CD has been reviewed in your local paper, we don't always know about it! In fact, often we find out about these things months later, and then don't have copies for our own records! Feel free to clip these reviews or chart listings and bring them to our shows. They're really helpful to us on a promotional level and, without you, we can't get our hands on the newspapers when we live in different cities! (Some newspapers have a policy to send articles or reviews to the artists or their management, but most don't!)

7. If you have a specific skill you think can contribute to this project, please feel free to offer your services to us! Of course there are dozens (millions?!) of areas in which we are not skilled, and I'm sure you can contribute in some way with your unique skillset. Don't be shy!


1. Our CDs are available in record stores across Canada, the U.S., and Australia. Because it's an independent release, it is often not on the shelves unless it is expressly requested. It never hurts to have record stores order our product and then to encourage your friends to buy them from the stores directly. Don't forget to do this for all indie releases you think should be visible and available in record stores! Let us know if you have difficulty ordering product (or even suggesting they order the CDs!), because then we can approach our various distributors and they can track the stores that carry the items and the ones that don't (yet!). For more information on our distributors, check out: The Order Page.

2. If you have one or some of our albums, you can always show them to or play them for your friends or family and, thus, encourage them to purchase their own copies, rather than burning them or taping them for others. Putting a few tracks on mixed CDs or tapes is a wonderful form of promotion, but helping to create an environment where people support independent art as an active choice is vital!

Additional STUFF

1. If you're a songwriter or a musician, please feel free to send us your feedback, insights, and critiques about our music. This is an invaluable resource. We may not follow your advice, but we certainly love open and forthright commentary!

2. If you have a good space with additional beds, like to cook, or just like to play "host," feel free to offer your space to our weary bodies! We accept housing offers on a regular basis and have, thus, made great friends and connections with people all over the world! Besides, hotels get boring.


Please let us know if you need clarification on any of these ideas. If you're interested in volunteering, thanks so much! We totally appreciate it...even if the offer is all you can give!


All of us at Few'll Ignite Sound

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