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Few'll Ignite Sound offers a variety of services to other artists without actually SIGNING these artists onto their roster. In the end, the responsibility for your career is YOURS and "if you don't believe in what you do, how can you expect anyone else to?" Here is a list of services that we can offer:

  • Access to our DATABASE
    We believe that information should be FREE. They say that "information is power" and we believe that it is more powerful to share it than to hoard it. Hoarding information is fear-based and defensive. We have nothing to hide and recognize that all artists walk a different path throughout this vast industry. This information has been gathered for many years and specifically for the EMBER SWIFT project. We are so pleased to report that it is finally available to the public. It is a community effort, however, so please read the introduction before making use of these contacts. You may also learn more about the history of the database.
  • Organizational Tips & Downloadable Information Sheets
    We have made available our trusty LOG sheets. They have been popular with fellow artists throughout our travels and we have noticed that many have implemented our "binder system" into their tour and office organizational systems. You may get more information on the log sheets and download Word and/or PDF versions of the sheets. Also available on this page is information about border crossing & immigration as well as examples for a mailing list sign up sheet, stage plot, technical rider, contract, etc.
  • Contact with our wonderful and skilled crew
    The people who have offered their expertise to Few'll Ignite Sound are skilled and talented people. They are profiled on the CREW page and often do work with the other artists that they have come into contact with either through Ember Swift or through their own travels within the arts community. Be sure to check out their bios.
  • Links to other web resources
    There are many web resource sites that offer a wide variety of services or profiling for independent artists. Here we describe these sites and attempt to organize them for you.

Eventually, the dream is to become a co-operative label. This will have to wait until the system and resources are in place for such a large change to the current vibe of Few'll Ignite Sound. But, in the end, we are creating a co-operative space via this website. Perhaps it is step #1 towards that end goal?!

Enjoy this web resource.

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