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February, 2004
New Few'll Ignite Sound Employee!

After over a year of volunteering for Few'll Ignite Sound, we have hired the great APRIL BOULTBEE as a part-time Few'll Ignite Sound employee. April is fantastic and has been incredibly instrumental in getting the Few'll site off the ground, doing dbase revisions and additions and she is now helping with accounting (thank you, thank you!) So, please welcome APRIL by emailing her at: april@emberswift.com. She'll soon have a pic and bio up on the FIS web site too, so keep an eye out.

January, 2004
Cooperative Office Space?

Few'll Ignite Sound is currently seeking a change of office location. We're strongly considering MONTREAL! Frankly, we've outgrown our current location and we're all slightly squashed and getting a little annoyed with the basement office and it's elbow-to-elbow set-up. We are open to new urban locations (Canadian only, seeing as we're keen to keep running a business in our home country) but would love to know if you have any leads for office space that is geared for arts organizations and/or small business. If you know people also seeking this kind of situation, maybe you can put them in touch with us. Feel free to pass along the email address to anyone you know who might be interested (ember@emberswift.com).

December, 2003

After a year of designing, re-organizing, programming code, revisions (etc) the new EMBER SWIFT website and the separate and amazing FEW'LL IGNITE SOUND website are very near to completion. We should be launching these sites within the month and this is an amazing thing. So much work and they look fantastic! We're in the finally stages of editing and organization and I'll be happy to announce their launch with the next big email update. Thanks goes to the great LIVE MIND DESIGN (www.liveminddesign.com ) and LIANE BLAD, graphic designer extraordinaire, for their combined efforts in this project. We have made a great team.

November, 2003

Few'll Ignite Sound has regularly asked you whether or not you'd like to volunteer for us. During the past year, Lisa-the-Great Johnson (our wonderful office employee) has been emailing you before gigs to see if you'd be interested in helping us poster or promote our tours prior to our arrival in your respective cities. This has been successful, and many of you have graciously volunteered your time and energies (and sometimes, your resources!) to help promote this travelling musical-activist project. THANK YOU!!!

From here on in, we will just be contacting those who have identified themselves as volunteers in the past (providing there are some for the region in question), so as to minimize Few'll Ignite Sound emails in your in boxes. So, if you are interested and have never volunteered, please write to lisa@emberswift.com!

I will regularly do these "call-outs" and keep you informed! Thank you so much to all of you who have contributed to this musical project. It wouldn't be as grounded if it weren't for this community that is building over time. We're in it together. Thank you.

September, 2003

Well, it's been well over a year since Lisa Johnson, our famous "Lisa-the-Great" became a full-fledged Few'll Ignite Sound employee and contributor. We are so happy that Lisa has decided to work for this small label and we would be lost (and much less grammatically correct!) without her. She is a huge part of Few'll Ignite Sound's gears and she continues to keep them well-oiled and maintained with her daily presence in the Toronto office. Occasionally, she is on the road with us (for short journeys) selling CDs and being her jovial self. Many of you have met her! For those of you who have not, feel free to send her love notes: lisa@emberswift.com.

In other news, we have hired a fourth employee (Ember, Lyndell, and Lisa being the first three!) and her name is Mavreen David. Mavreen is only working on a part-time basis with Few'll Ignite Sound, but she is a huge supporter of the independent cause and is helping us with the weight and volume of work. Mavreen is wonderful, and hopefully you will have the opportunity to meet her. Until then, love notes are always welcome: mavreen@emberswift.com.

August, 2003
WXPN's "Amazon Country" in Philadelphia, PA

So, in our last update I urged you to write a letter to the above radio station in support of the longest-running women's radio program in the U.S. Many people took on this initiative, and I am officially pointing out that LETTER-WRITING WORKS!! Read below and know that your activism had a result. It's a moment of NOT feeling powerless as the "little guy."

Thank you for writing to the station about Amazon Country.

I'm pleased to announce that Amazon Country will remain on the air at WXPN and will continue to be hosted by Debra D'Alessandro. Amazon Country will alternate each week with Q'Zine, hosted by Robert Drake, during the 11:00 pm hour on Sundays beginning August 3. I thank Debra D'Alessandro and Robert Drake for working with us on this new schedule.

We have listened to you and others who share your concerns that there are no other radio stations in the country that provide this type of programming. Amazon Country and Q'Zine provide a forum for the voices of the region's feminist, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities. We, as a station, are proud of these groundbreaking shows that have found a loyal audience who are willing to show their support. Both will continue to have a home at WXPN.

Roger LaMay
General Manager

[Message from Debra D'Alessandro, host and producer of Amazon Country]

I am very moved by and grateful for the support so many of you have shown through e-mails and phone calls. It is your voices that have helped to keep Amazon Country on the air. I also appreciate WXPN management's willingness to listen to the show's loyal listeners and supporters by continuing to air both Amazon Country and Q'Zine.

WXPN is also committed to keeping the Amazon Country Web site online as a vital resource for LGBT and feminist links and information. We're still working on the details...look for its return in the fall.


Debra D'Alessandro
Amazon Country


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