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About the Few'll Ignite Sound Database

Please use this resource with an awareness that you are playing a role in this musical community; in other words, let's all take responsibility for this information. After all, no one owns it! Think of it like a communal vehicle; this database is our communal vehicle for progression within the music industry. Without regular maintenance, care and development, it will only wear down and eventually become unusable. Finally, this information was gathered on behalf of EMBER SWIFT, a very specific musical act:

  • This is a band (and also a label) that believes in the unity of art and activism. As a result, you will find records here for community organizations, activist networks and not-for-profit spaces, etc.
  • This has mostly been an all-female act, as well, which will lead you to several feminist organizations, women's festivals etc.
  • Members of this band are proudly out and queer, as well, and this database holds many contacts with queer press, LGBT organizations and Pride Festivals.
  • This band's music is a combination of many styles, with folk roots. That means that there are a wide-range of music venues in this database, to your advantage!
  • Finally, and most importantly, this band and label are FIRMLY INDEPENDENT; that means that you will NOT find contacts with major labels, mainstream distributors or A&R reps in this database. We at Few'll Ignite Sound believe that remaining independent is synonymous with maintaining artistic integrity. This is our ethic and does not need to be yours, but it definitely acts as a frame for the information that you are about to access.

Do not let the above information deter you from checking this database! EMBER SWIFT has performed at many diverse events and venues, has been promoted in many diverse publications (etc) that have hosted a wide variety of music. I am confident that this information can be helpful to any independent act that is seeking to self-manage or book their own tours or do their own publicity.

Stay in touch and let us know if the information you are given proves out-of-date. Let's take care of this vehicle together.

Enjoy! Believe in what you do. It is more powerful than any hype.

Searching the database

There are 3 ways to search this database:

  1. NAME

If you search by Name, this will call up any company name (includes venues, festivals, promotional outlets etc.) as well as all first names or last names that appear in our database.

If you search by Location, you can first identify the country and then have the option of identifying the province/state and then city. Narrowing your search is always recommended, but this search will still operate without specific prov/state or city entries.

If you search by Contact Type, you will be able to choose from the following:

  • Venue (includes all bars, cafes, schools, theatres etc.)
  • Promo (includes newspapers, zines, television, web-related etc.)
  • Industry (includes agencies, publicists, photographers, restaurants etc.)
  • Festival (includes folks, music (not just folk), jazz, fringe, women's, queer etc.)
  • Musician/Band (includes both bands and solo performers etc.)
  • Radio (includes community, co-op, internet, school etc.)

After searching under contact type, you will have the option to narrow your search again within the contact type; for instance, if you choose "venue" then you can choose to narrow your search by "venue type."


This resource is meant to be used as a jump-start for your own research and that while we do our best to ensure accuracy, people leave posts and phone numbers change so if you encounter "bad" or "old" data please a) don't hold us responsible and b) email us so we can change our records.

Don't forget to verify this information!! We CANNOT GUARANTEE that these records are up-to-date! It is up to you to do your own research and make sure that the information you gathered is still accurate and active. There are many ways that information can become out-of-date. If you discover that any of the following information is inaccurate, or if you have a large number of records in your own database or spreadsheet and would like to share your data with this resource, please email: database@fewllignitesound.com.

Thank you!

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