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Lyndell Montgomery
Tour Management / Administration / Correspondence

Lyndell Montgomery was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia. She moved to Toronto in 1996 for love and change (and the love of change) and immediately met Ember Swift who was a solo artist in the city. Lyndell and Ember formed a friendship and the musical kindred connection was unmistakable. They began playing together on a regular basis and having been making music together now for over 7 years.

In 1997, after the formation of Few'll Ignite Sound, Lyndell offered assistance with postering and flyering and also worked alongside of Ember in their first-ever season of grant writing. Together, they struggled to bring faces into live music venues and to manage their ever-blossoming musical careers. This expanded over time into more of a business partnership with Ember who, admittedly, was slow to share the responsibilities being the "control freak" that she was (and sometimes still is!) But, the partnership was definitely evident as Ember & Lyndell's business skills were very complimentary and their shared philosophies about independent music, the desired combination of activism & art and the need for more ethics and integrity in the music industry were unquestionably aligned.

Over time, Lyndell's role became more defined as the primary booking agent for Few'll Ignite Sound as well as a part-time promoter or publicist for the live performances. As Few'll Ignite Sound expanded to include Lisa Johnson, the promotion load was lifted slightly which enabled Lyndell to focus more on the grueling task of booking their endless tours. Lyndell should be credited with bringing the Ember Swift band to a place where they were self-sustaining on a steady stream of gigs (steady work = the ultimate goal!) playing more than 200 dates per year. This was Lyndell's main position at Few'll Ignite Sound until December of 2002 when Few'll Ignite Sound formed a partnership with Fleming & Associates, a highly-regarded and respected booking agency based in Ann Arbor, MI.

Lyndell nows acts primarily as a Tour Manager. Prior to forming a working relationship with Fleming & Associates, this job was unfilled. Since the start of 2003, our tours have become smoother and more organized - a level of professionalism much needed. This job is so vast that it requires skills ranging from mileage calculation to technical sound specification for live performances to vegan restaurant research to long-distance driving. She cooperatively handles inventory and merchandising and maintains correspondence with venues. In fact, if we were to list everything that Lyndell does this bio would never end! She self-describes as a "girl FridaySaturdaySunday!"

In Lyndell's own words: "Independent art is one of the cornerstones of revolution. In keeping with this spirit, Few'll Ignite Sound is attempting to keep our community and our activist commitments strong. I am proud to be a part of an amazing family of activists, artists and doers."


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