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Liane Blad
Graphic Designer, Artist, and Mother

Liane has always veered away from the lime light. She has never been one to stand out in a crowd, but put a paint brush in her hand and you'll soon see what she has to say.

Shortly after graduating from Keene State College with a Bachelor's in Graphic Design, she jumped into the corporate world as a Surface Designer, simply for the security of providing for her son, Kayden.

As life began presenting many challenges for this single mother, Liane stepped up to the challenges without giving up her dreams as an artist. In early 2000, she joined forces with Ember Swift and Few'll Ignite Sound as their Graphic Designer. This project has been a stepping stone in Liane's efforts to become a more socially active artist. Her style is bold and crisp. Her message is effective. And she's on a quest to open some eyes.


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