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Ember Swift
Administration / Accounting / Web Maintenance / Correspondence

[note: this bio is written by EMBER SWIFT]

I started Few'll Ignite Sound in late 1996 after having spent a year and a half in Toronto pursuing my solo singer-songwriter career. It became clear to me that being self-represented and having no "business behind the art" was a detriment to my professionalism, or at least the "appearance" of professionalism. I realized that having a professional framework behind my music would be an asset. So, quite honestly, I started this business as a way to separate the business from the art, if even in my head, and to be able to say on the telephone that I was "Ember Swift calling from the record label, Few'll Ignite Sound." It began as a name on a piece of letterhead, a bank account and a file folder in my bachelor apartment. It was small. Tiny.

Lyndell Montgomery started to help with Few'll Ignite Sound in mid 1997. At this point, the business had expanded from just the idea of a professional framework to actually having one. The business now had a website, a "zeen" (hand-drawn zine by Suzy Malik mailed to all mailing list members), a database of contacts and, yes, a need for funding! It was the latter component that initiated Lyndell into Few'll Ignite Sound's realm as we huddled in the apartment for over a week drafting our first-ever grant application to the Canada Council of the Arts for a cross-Canada tour scheduled to depart in the summer of 1998. [It would be over two years before any of our grant applications were successful - so don't give up!] The long-distance vision that this grant project entailed and the commitment we had as musicians and activists was enough "few'll" to launch a long-term working relationship. We had a shared vision.

The Few'll Ignite Sound office moved 4 times over the years before it landed where it has been since January of 2001. The current office space has 2 rooms, an office bathroom, a separate entrance and a doorbell! It is tucked nicely in a quiet neighbourhood in the west-end of Toronto. Since 2000, we have employed "Lisa-the-Great-Johnson" who has been our primary administrator and assistant publicist. In 2003, we also hired Mavreen David who is responsible for inventory maintenance, re-ordering and office assistance. Lyndell Montgomery, formerly the primary booker, is now the resident tour manager and assistant publicist (working in tandem with Lisa Johnson.) Fleming & Associates, a wonderful agency out of Ann Arbour MI, has taken over the booking for the Ember Swift band for all of North America and Australia. Their presence on this team is a joy.

As external team members, Live Mind Design (web design and programming) out of Ithaca, NY has been a huge contributor to Few'll Ignite Sound, particularly in the creation of the online database and the Few'll Ignite Sound website. Furthermore, Liane Blad, independent graphic designer based in New Hampshire, has been an amazing contributor to the current look and feel of Ember Swift and Few'll Ignite Sound promotional material, including the new face of the Ember Swift site. Both Barb (Live Mind Design) and Liane are valued members of this family.

My role here at Few'll Ignite Sound is more behind the scenes; I handle the accounting, work permit and visa applications, grant writing, correspondence with fans, correspondence with the agency, tour routing and, according to Lisa and Lyndell, I am the "anal overseer." I admit, Few'll Ignite Sound is my child and I am still in parent-mode.

We have come a long way, baby.


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