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Birgit Regier
Radio Publicity, Administrative/Research tasks, Database Maintenance and Love, "Would You Rather" Question Expert

Birgit is a Winnipeg-based music and animal lover. She responded to the call-out to work as an intern for Few'll Ignite Sound and now she is kicking herself for such an act of generosity...er, I mean she is lending her obvious intellect and skills to a brain-deadening tasks list because she believes in art, believes in community, now thinks that Ember is relatively sane and worthy of comaraderie AND she enjoys the opportunity this work has given her to rant at her fish.

When asked if she was a musician, Birgit responded that "no, I am not a musician... Even if I tried, it would make your teeth itch." (We don't really believe her, but we'll leave it at that!)

Finally, when asked for more information about herself, she wrote:

"I can certainly provide references that can confirm that
(a) I do exist
(b) I am not insane
(c) I have a dog and an aquarium, including fish (the names of which can be supplied upon request, if needed)
(d) I am opposed to panty hose
(e) I wear black turtlenecks a lot
(f) I promote the motto “a clean campsite is a happy campsite”
(g) I can start a fire like nobody’s business and am not opposed to putting out flaming lanterns at 2 am
(h) I love the northern lights
(i) I keep plants alive
(j) I never kill spiders
(k) I make great desserts for company, but I don’t like sweets myself
(l) I’ve hiked the West Coast trail
(m) I have a valid driver’s license
(n) I think Bush is a maniac
(o) Harper scares me
(p) I have a large inventory of socks
(q) I buy used cd’s
(r) I love rain
(q) I hardly listen to the radio
(s) I think Reality shows are (just another!) sign of the demise of western civilization
(t) As are golf and rice cookers
(u) I own a copy of the “Duets” cd by Elton John
(v) I still have a vinyl copy of Quiet Riot in my archives
(w) I always stop for pedestrians and animals
(x) I love looking at water
(y) I’ve never watched “Desperate Housewives”
(z) I often air guitar to songs I like and I think drummers are cool!

With all that said, I think it's safe to say that she fits the Few'll Ignite Sound criteria quite nicely!


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