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The Few'll Ignite Mascot

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Betty the kitty is affectionately referred to as Booper. Ever since she was a kitten, music has been a passion of Booper's. By the time she turned one, she set up a shabby home studio and began recording demos straight to two-track. One of these demos circulated the west-coast music scene and landed Booper in a recording studio with the legendary producer and former commercial star Morris (of Nine Lives fame). The result of this studio session, A Dog's Life, spawned the hit song "Cat Nip High," which rode the tops of both the Billboard and Scratching Post music charts for 36 consecutive weeks. "Cat Nip High: The Meow Mix" remains a dance club favourite to this day.

Although she had an amazingly successful career, it was a short-lived one (in human years, anyway). With one double-diamond album, several smash hits, and a record-breaking world tour under her pelt, Booper decided to step out of the limelight and pursue a quieter life working as an unsung member of the industry: the Few'll Ignite Sound office mascot. Many Booper idolizers may be surprised to learn that Booper is a drooly-pants for whom it is a regular occurrence to leave large, sopping wet patches of drool on anyone's lap or shoulder she happens to be perched upon. Booper is soft as a bunny, but she's got an unpredictable attitude. She has been known to sit with her back and tail facing you if she is unimpressed.

If you would like to contact Booper, we suggest you do it via snail mail; she tends to use computers only as beds.


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