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April Boultbee
Volunteer extraordinaire / Database aficionado

April Boultbee is a Massage Therapist by trade, but really just a runner at heart. April completed an Honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Guelph with a major in Psychology. She then went on to graduate from the 2200-hour diploma course in massage therapy at Sutherland-Chan School and Teaching Clinic in Toronto.

April is an avid runner and you'll find her running through High Park and on the Lakeshore year-round. She spent eight months living and training in Italy, and successfully completed her first marathon while there. April also lived and worked in South Korea as an English teacher for one year. She has enjoyed experiencing life in other cultures and hopes to travel again soon.

April has always been interested in music and played clarinet in school bands and orchestras for seven years. While working toward a minor in Music, she learned a lot of music history and some theory, and especially enjoyed learning about the history of jazz, world music, ethnomusicology (looking at African drumming in particular), and twentieth-century techniques. And once upon a time, she used to play guitar.

She was first exposed to Ember Swift's music while visiting a friend at a music festival. April didn't know anything about Ember Swift before this and was falling asleep at the end of Ember's set. April has been known to fall asleep while trying to stay out late and see bands that she actually does like (staying out late does not fit in well with running 100km a week and marathon training). However, enough of Ember's music stuck in April's head that she went out and bought The Wage Is the Stage and Stiltwalking, checked out www.emberswift.com, and signed up for the mailing list.

After having received an Ember Swift newsletter asking for volunteers, April called Ember up one day when she was feeling a little bored. Little did she know what she was getting herself into! After spending many hours in front of the computer, she decided that this was indeed "fun" and wanted to come back for more. Thus, April has been volunteering at Few'll Ignite Sound ever since. Every time she feels bored, she writes Ember an email and asks for work to do. April finds that her computer skills have increased greatly while working for FIS. Not only is she now very adept at copying and pasting, but she can enter and delete information in the database without asking for help every five minutes. Plus, she has experienced the joy of assembling many, many CD inserts!

April has been spending time at Few'll Ignite Sound for several years now. She is now the principal FIS Database contact and is responsible for the web maintenance of both MySpace/emberswift and the www.emberswift.com site.

We really appreciate that she's still with us after over three years of employment and volunteer hours. I'm not sure what keeps her interested in our late-night lifestyles, boring tasks that need doing and obnoxious spelling errors through mail-outs and littered in the database. She has been known to chastise Ember heavily for not using the "spellcheck" function and is likely to find a spelling error on this very page. In fact, it wasn't until Ember started calling her the "master" of the database that she forgave her foolhardy carelessness. She occasionally still requires a "thank-you oh-great-master" from Ember via email to kickstart another long series of entries. Ember is happy to comply. (And, truth be told, anyone who can run a marathon under 3 hours is a MASTER in Ember's world anyway!)

For all your massage needs, support the crew and e-mail april@emberswift.com.


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