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About Few'll Ignite Sound

Few'll Ignite Sound was started by singer-songwriter and performer Ember Swift in 1997. It is an independent music label that only currently represents the music of Ember Swift. It has resisted the typical path of "signing other artists" as a result of a strong ethic that artists should own their OWN art. Besides representing Ember Swift, Few'll Ignite Sound acts as an actual and a virtual resource centre for other musicians and bands across the globe. Workshops, personal information sessions and an open-database policy at the label has brought all five Few'll Ignite employees into contact with many other artists who are also seeking to "own and operate their own careers," while maintaining their independent status.


Few'll Ignite Sound is about fostering community, sharing resources, building activist networks, resisting the greed of capitalism and being true to our beliefs, political platforms and personal integrity. No one at Few'll Ignite Sound wants to be "famous." We are real people who champion artistic sustainability and down-to-earth, grassroots ideals.

Please do not send your material to this label in hopes of "being signed." That's not what we're about. If you're interested in sharing a stage with Ember Swift, we would love to hear what you do in advance. Or, if you simply want us to hear your music for our interest, we will definitely listen and give feedback. All CDs sent to Few'll Ignite Sound are listened to and then placed in circulation through a "pass-it-on" CD ethic.

We all share a vision to perhaps one day expand Few'll Ignite Sound and become a co-operative label. If resources allow, we will definitely follow this path.

About the label name, Ember writes:

"The name came to me at about 2 a.m. one night as I sat working in my bachelor apartment in late 1996. I wanted to combine the ideas of music and activism. I believe that the combination of these elements fuels so much hope, awareness and change. The business motto was written right away, mostly because I felt the business name was too obscure to exist without a motto. I mean, making up words is one thing, but not explaining them is another! It was short and simple. At that time in my life, it was rare that I could be concise and I was proud of these lines! I still am."

In the nearly seven years of operation, Few'll Ignite Sound has grown extensively and we have all learned much about running a business and following our hearts. One of the biggest things we have learned is the power of knowledge. Yes, "knowledge is power" is an age-old adage, but it is incredibly astute. We have learned that by understanding the industry in which we live and work, we can navigate it intelligently and this will give us the power to survive! Really, survival in the underground arts scene is the greatest act of resistance; we are thriving without dependence on the mainstream, corporate machine.

In keeping with our ethics, we believe it is very important to share the knowledge we acquire and to keep information FREE for everyone. The hoarding of information and the defensive, fear-based idea that we must keep this power from others is still rampant in this industry. We are not in competition. We can all live here together. It is Few'll Ignite Sound's goal to promote a more cooperative approach to the world of independent art.

It is for this reason that we have launched this site - a site whose primary component is the online database in order to encourage people to create more a community and share information with each other.

Alone, we are an idea. Together, we are a revolution.


Few'll Ignite Sound
50 Charles St. East
P.O. Box 732, Stn.F.
Toronto, ON ; M4Y 2N6
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